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Dear Friends,
         Physiotherapy is a health care field which is not only life-saving, but also contributes to a person’s mental, emotional, physical and social well-being. The Faculty of Physiotherapy is dedicated towards, providing students with the effective skillsets and competencies which are required to develop and shape the physiological knowledge through human anatomy. As a faculty we are committed towards providing insightful knowledge which edifies the physical health and welfare of the patients. The students are taught the practical aspects of healing through the knowledge of various exersises and therapeutic methods which result in the well-being of the patients. As a way of developing the practical skills and knowledge of the students, the faculty is equipped with a multi specialty teaching hospital which serves the purpose of imparting within the students the revelent practical skills and knowledge. Our curriculum also makes the students effectively analyse different cases and simultaneously learn different approaches which can applied. So, take the first step towards a vibrant journey in Physiotherapy.

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Physical wellness plays a pivotal role in the health and well-being of the people, it goes on to enrich their livelihood. It is not enough to state it as a method of alternative healthcare, as it also goes to provide a preventive method that is beyond the curing of the patients. I appreciete the efforts of our highly trained faculties and experts who tirelessely work towards providing our students with the most engaging practical training experience. Our state of the art facilities and academic resources also go on to ensure that every single one of our students, gets to have a feel of the healthcare system during the course of their academics. Based on the progressive advancements, the Faculty has moulded itself time and again to be in sync with the latest needs, while at the same time holding its core values of compassion, integrity and hospitality to provide an overall development in the students. So I once again welcome you to the Faculty of Physiotherapy..

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